Back 2 School Drive

Velvet Ropes and Morir Soñando, the team behind the community based blog site, have come together to serve the community in more ways than one. We aim to focus on the good and do all things with love at our core. We bring people of different professions and backgrounds together. Through curated events, and safe spaces to make and share connections we cultivate a ground for growth and opportunity. Participating in these uplifting experiences full of unity, laughter, music, dancing, and charitable causes encourages us to lead by example. We value being charitable and for that reason we make sure to give back. The support we get for these initiatives help us make our communities and world at large a better place. Special thanks to Heights Development, 618 Squad, Kristina J Media, UBA NYC, Uplift NYC, Uptown Made, La RiRi, Gimmie The Juice, The Takeover, Steady Feddy, HundredTenPercent, and I Love My Hood.

With the motivation behind these vibes we created our very first collaboration to serve others in need. Locksmith Bar was thrilled to provide a safe haven with DJs, resources and special deals for donators. On Friday, August 31st, 2018, we rallied up with our close loved ones and held an incredible event to collect school supplies for less fortunate families. We collected boxes upon boxes of notebooks, book bags, crayons, pens, and many other supplies. Our happy hour event proved to be a great turnout that went all through the evening and passed midnight! The room was filled with smiles and an abundance of love as everyone contributed to the mission of doing something positive for our community.

When working with charities our main objective is always to make sure our donations make it to those in need. We partnered up with Good Shepherd Services, a non for profit that helps inner city youth gain skills for success. Per their mission statement, Good Shepherd wants to “envision a New York City where children grow up in thriving neighborhoods, and all individuals and families can build on their strengths to realize their fullest potential.” Besides sharing the same goal another deciding factor to help Good Shepherd Services was that they work with foster homes in our own local communities. We were so happy to see how many people trusted us to help serve this mission. We distributed all donations amongst the communities of Harlem, Washington Heights, and Inwood. Along with the help of the Good Shepherd Services we were also able to deliver to foster homes in the Bronx to ensure all of our neighborhoods remained supported.

More photos here.